About K's Vintage

Hi! I'm Kia, the K in K's Vintage!

It all started with a cookbook . . . then one cookbook became 500. Each cookbook I discovered another lost relic came along with it. Ephemera, a Pyrex dish, retro hair accessory, antique tins, hand mirrors, vintage nightie, an 8 track tape (lol).

This random mish-mash of retro vintage antique stuff started to grow and I realized I had to share. History is fascinating but it's created with every passing minute, and we discover so much daily I realized that I wanted to be a channel of the past.

So K's Vintage was born, moving forward while exploring the past and sharing the adventure! Visit the "Contact" page to find all the ways to shop with K's Vintage.

Separately, I work in Online Estate Auctions so I'm always available for collection consulting or downsizing! Feel free to email me with your collection inquiries. If I can't help you - I'll find someone who can!

Cultural Relics

As a minority owned business, K's Vintage is respectful of our ancestors and all the struggles of persons of color in the US and around the world.  

One of our goals is to provide places for items that others may not understand that "it's a thing". Tikis aren't the only "cultural" thing out there. Every tribal mask isn't African. Some of these items mean more than others care to research. Charging exceptionally high prices for these items is BS as well. 

Everyone should have access to their cultural relics, history and experiences.

K's Vintage will also accept items for educational purpose and remove from the cycle of negative history and energy. Contact Kia directly with any questions regarding the submission of "negative" material.